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I like songs with a good amount of truth to them.  I'm pretty sure Patty Gayle's songs are true.  She lived her songs, then she wrote them.  I like that.  She has a straight ahead no frills voice.  I like that too.  Patty is as real as it gets....and her husband Paul plays great guitar too....this record is a good listen."    Lloyd Maines - musician/music producer ” - Lloyd Maines
Patty Gayle is an honest and unaffected singer.  She's a woman who's genuine, real, forthright - and country to the core.  She writes about life and sings the truth.  Her lyrics reveal that her path has not always been an easy one. But she's not gonna sulk about it.  Her music has a buoyancy and an optimism that leaves the listener in a good place."   Terri Hendrix” - Terri Hendrix